Both in Estonia and in Norway it is little known that when Germany attacked Norway in 1940 also 12 Estonian volunteers came to the rescue of the Norwegians, in addition to the French and the British. They fought in the battle of Narvik, and one of the Estonian volunteers – Arnold Soinla, lost his life there and is buried in Norway, Lenvik cemetery. An exhibition “Under the North Star – Estonian Volunteers in the Battle of Narvik in 1940” will be opened on 12 September in the Narvik Centre of War and Peace, which will introduce the connections between the Republic of Estonia and Kingdom of Norway for nearly 100 years, paying special attention to Estonian volunteers who first hurried to help the Finns in the Winter War, when attacked by the Soviet Union, and then to the Norwegians, when attacked by Germany.

On 1 October the exhibition will be opened in the War Museum of Estonia, where also a conference on this topic will be held, attended by historians of both Norway and Estonia.